A little mix of some of the footage of 2013 featuring Tommy Fynn, Dennis Durrant, Joel Mcilroy, Alex Lawton, Pat Gemzik, Sam Stevenson, Nick Law, Mashie, Beacho,Mitch Morrison and Jake Duncombe
Filmed & Edited Kane Stewart

The Bay 2 LA was a the first trip the boys took over to LA to meet up and stay with Dennis Durrant and also Tommy Fynn who was residing at Den’s pad in 2010. Featuring Tommy Fynn, Dennis Durrant, Joel Mcilroy, Kane Stewart, Alex Lawton, Ernie Torres, Peter Eldridge, Windsor James, Dave Harris, Jake Duncumbe
Filmed & Edited Kane Stewart

Affirmative Action a Skateboarding Documentary on Skateboarding in Australia’s Brisbane City.
A Film By Kane Stewart

Brisbane Skateboarding Video Highlights 2010
Tommy Fynn , Alex Lawton , Joel Mcilroy , Pat Gemzik , Chris Coleman , Tim Black , Kane Stewart , Craig Henderson
Filmed : Michael Pearse , Ryan Henderson

The Bay Ep’s #1 Drain spot featuring Beacho, Bull, Alex Lawton, Sween, Dennis Durrant and Mitch Morrison

The Bay Ep’s #2 The boy hit up the old Woodridge Skate Park with a few of the DP Boys, there were a few of the local boys crumbing up but know one got staged or shot so all in all it was a fun arvo.

The Bay Ep’s #3 Is a park montage feat Nathan Jackson, Sween, Joel Mcilroy, Tommy Fynn, Kane Stewart, Dennis Durrant

Bay Ep’s #4 (IT’S A PARTY) featuring Alex Lawton, Kane Stewart, Nick Law, Marty Girotto and more

The Bay Ep’s #5 Chilling in Sydney with a good homie of The Bay Marty Girotto

The Bay Ep’s #6 The boys with a late arvo roll at Capalaba Skate Park feat Dennis Durrant, Tommy Fynn and Alex Lawton.

The Bay Ep’s #7 A montage featuring Dennis Durrant, Tommy Fynn, Joel Mcilroy, Alex Lawton, Mitch Morrison, Pedro Day, Jayden De Pina, Andrew Beauchamp

The Bay Ep’s #8 brings you a montage from Brisbane city featuring Dennis Durrant, Mitch Morrison, James Bridoy, Tommy Fynn, Joel Mcilroy, Pat Gemzik, Andrew BEACHO Beauchamp and Joel Wilshere.