Homeless in LA
We headed over to the LA to skate, film, shoot photos, the usual story of ambitious skateboarders in there early twenties. The plan was to meet Dennis Durrant over there and crash at his house for the next 6 weeks. There was five of us in total, Kane Stewart, Tommy Fynn, Alex Lawton, Dennis Durrant and myself. It was looking to be a sick trip.
Dennis lives with Tony Tave and Franky(franky ross) his dads mate. Tony is a g. One of the nicest guys ive ever met and would later help us out alot. Now i heard stories of Franky Ross from the the boys that have gone over and stayed with Denny in the past. Like the time his parrot bit his finger so as any sane man would do he proceeded to cut its
head off with a machete. The fact he had it for 10 years and it was his best friend didnt seem to matter.
We would later experience this temperamental short fuse first hand. For the first two weeks in LA week we were on a mission. Usual routine was wake up at Frankys, head to Grannys donuts for a No. 3 bagel then hit the streets. We were handling biz. Everyday coming back with something worthwhile.Towards the end of the the second week we started to experience some of the Franky show. Weʼd be sleeping and then at 3 am heʼd wake us up and ask for gas money. Weʼd
always hook him up but then it started getting worse. Heʼd wake us up because there were 3 carls jnr cups on the table and demand we clean the kitchen. Weʼd get up and he would have dropped the rubbish bin bag all over the kitchen floor. Dennyʼs been putting up with this bi polar shit storm for too long so the following day he told Franky he needs to stop doing this. So as you do, Franky took his socks off clenched his fists and wanted to take it outside. That was the last straw, so we ordered a uhaul truck, found a storage place in downtown LA and started packing Dennys life into boxes. Were now homeless. What we got boys….? This would soon become the phrase of the trip, said right on

By Tim Black