Episode #1

BAY 2 LA #1

Tripping to LA with Kane Stewart Joel Mcilroy and Alex Lawton.
Joel, Alex and myself headed off to LA for 6 weeks. 13 hours ahead of us – on the cheapest flight money can buy – you dont get free drinks but since i had the boys with me we got it sorted after the first round – free drinks for the rest of the flight!!
We had two weeks on Venice Beach to start with, staying with the Boss Johnny!! He hooked us up right on Beach over looking the Santa Monica Pier and the Venice Sand Gaps. Paty gave me a sh!t load of the Bay DVD’s to smuggle into the states. We took a copy up to the roof top and had a BAY Video Premier for Dennis and Tommy, who hadn’t yet seen it – over looking the Venice Beach Sunset. John had Buffalo Burgers, New Zealand Lamb Chops, American Steaks cooking on the BBQ and had us drinking German Beer and sipping French Champagne out of Japanese Champagne glasses. Cheers to John for the top shelf hospitality.
Dropping next is Episode #2 Frankie Ross’s crib.

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