BAY 2 LA #1

Tripping to LA with Kane Stewart Joel Mcilroy and Alex Lawton.
Joel, Alex and myself headed off to LA for 6 weeks. 13 hours ahead of us – on the cheapest flight money can buy – you dont get free drinks but since i had the boys with me we got it sorted after the first round – free drinks for the rest of the flight!!
We had two weeks on Venice Beach to start with, staying with the Boss Johnny!! He hooked us up right on Beach over looking the Santa Monica Pier and the Venice Sand Gaps. Paty gave me a sh!t load of the Bay DVD’s to smuggle into the states. We took a copy up to the roof top and had a BAY Video Premier for Dennis and Tommy, who hadn’t yet seen it – over looking the Venice Beach Sunset. John had Buffalo Burgers, New Zealand Lamb Chops, American Steaks cooking on the BBQ and had us drinking German Beer and sipping French Champagne out of Japanese Champagne glasses. Cheers to John for the top shelf hospitality.
Dropping next is Episode #2 Frankie Ross’s crib.

BAY 2 LA #2

Frankie Ross Place!!

Frankie hooked us up at his place for a few weeks were Dennis, Tony, Windsor and Tommy live. Beer pong, table tennis and a bamboo jungle with a mini ramp in the mix, a perfect training facility when played in that order.
Cheers to Frankie Ross for the top shelf hospitality!!!

BAY 2 LA #3

We headed out to Stoner park to warm up before getting ready for the 3 hours of LA traffic ahead, Joel wanted to hit this one spot 20 minuets away which ended taking hours after getting stuck it the LA shitt storm. Joel got his trick and ended up trying to throw some extra flavor on it but got robbed in end.

BAY 2 LA #4

Battles was staying at the Volcom house in LA while we were there so we met up with him for his birthday at the Volcom house for a night of ruckus with Jake and the boys. We fitted in a little bit of skating while we were there and went to hit the Vet’s rail which is a major bust and we only lasted a 10 minuets before the po po showed up. We headed to a spot (Old Star) which some locals made. The boys were chillin and about to leave when Joel decided to try and drop in off the roof, i don’t now what made him think of trying it, maybe still a little confused from the night before. Joel said he seen mappy pull out his camera and herd the sequence start going off and said fuck it!! and that he did.

BAY 2 LA #5

Episode #5 is a montage off footage we got the over the last two weeks while we were chillin at Franky Ross’s place. Joel was out of action with his ankle and had to wait a week for the swelling to go down before he could fly home early, Franky hooked him up with all his pain relief needs and what ever he needed to get it sorted. Cheers Franky for hooking us up and looking out for the boys.

BAY 2 LA #6
Episode #6 is the last of the Bay 2 LA trip, we finish off with a road trip to Denver with Dennis myself and Tommy.
The Mystery team were in Denver the same week as us. We hooked up with Dennis’s team mates and hit the streets and tried getting our skate on as much as possible but the relaxed Denver vibe made it easy to slide into the beers early on. On the 16 hour drive back to LA we ran out of gas in the middle of no where so Den had to hitch hike to the closest gas station and back, I thought that he was going to end up 6 feet deep in the desert some where but he ended up making it back with a full jerry can, we just chilled in the desert sun getting our dice on waiting to be murdered while he was gone.