Mr Chris Coleman… How’s you day been mate?

It’s been good, just got home from work. Someone’s gotta do it you know.

So who’s Sponsors the bearded man these days?

The dudes at Street Machine, cheers lads and DSCO bearings mad shout outs to them, if you haven’t heard of them or tried them, give them a shot I promise you will not be disappointed.

So you originally come from?

Cleveland, Brisbane. The Bay, The 4163. Where all my good homies sprouted from. Brisbane is the best I miss all my good mates up there, the ones that are still there. The skateboarding community up there is really united and everyone is just down. Down with each other and down to get twisted haha.

So how long have been in Melbourne for now?

I think about 3 years now, I moved down here for ‘the summer’ a couple ago and then i thought I’ll endure a winter, then that has just rolled on and on. But it’s dope having seasons and stuff unlike Queensland where it’s hot and then it just gets hotter.

Any plans on moving back up to the heat?

I don’t know how fond ‘they’ were to begin with but I really haven’t thought about moving back. Too many positives here, good food, good coffee, good places to go out, good people, good skate spots and skate parks.

Bs flip Photo by Cameron Markin

So you like the coffee better in Melbourne?

Coffee snobs are a breed like no other down here. I was at a cafe ‘de cleu’ i think its called (its got dope coffee anyway) and i watched this chick take a mouthful of her coffee with her eyes closed and then sit there in some kind of orgasmic state while she swallowed it hahaha. That was some next level shit. I mean I like having a good cup of coffee but that is a bit much. Do you know when a hipster drinks coffee? Before it’s cool.

Whats the average Skate day consists for you?

7:02am – I wake up, eat some breakfast, while i play FIFA 14.
9:00am – Someone might txt (Brett Royden, Nath Olver) coffee? Im like Yep
11:00am – (Usually) there will be a crew (Matthew Portelli, Peter Le, Dave B, Happy, Kurt Perry occasional Richard Flude in there) we are making some progress
11:30-12:00- Warm up spot usually in the city, IMAX or Lincoln or just out the front who cares.
1:30pm – Trying to attack spots with some kind of direction. Its usually a bunch of either getting kicked out or the spots now capped, but you’ll get somewhere and get your shred on for a few hours.
All this shennanigans usually lasts until about 6:00pm when everyone has had enough and the sun sets.
Daylight savings is over now otherwise these shennanigans last a lot longer.

Spain Ollie Photo by Alex Hart

You spent some time travelling Europe, how did you find the general publics attitude towards skateboarding compared to Australia?

Yeah Europe is great. They should move it closer cos that flight is way too long. Well Scotland skateboarders are like big brute men so i wouldn’t really fuck with them and i didn’t see any hassles really. Berlin was really chill the spots are in kinda strange places i guess and no one really looks twice unless its a dude trying to sell you some weed. Barcelona is like skate mecca so I think people must be used to seeing a lot of skaters around. Not once though while skating anywhere did i cop a hero telling me to ‘fuck off’ or ‘get a job’ or giving me some other piece of their ignorant mind.

Any plans on going back?

Im going back to Bonnie Scotland in July actually. I don’t know many other people that have ventured there other than yourself Kane. But I really liked it, dope cities, the people are great, sometimes hard to understand but they will make you laugh and drink and I like both those things.

Favourite spot you have ever skated?

I liked skating at Macba, real nice flatland and just an epicly long ledge. But i mean sometimes skating a curb can be the best.

Favourite spot you must skate before you die of hair over growth?

I might choke on my beard in my sleep one day. I’d like to go to China and skate any of that amazing looking stuff they’ve got over there.

Kick Flip Photo by Peter Le

Top 5 Skaters
1 My Friends
2 Bobby Worrest
3 Brad Cromer
4 Mike Anderson
5 Lewis Marnell

Top 5 Music Artists
1 Souls of Mischief
2 Black Sabbath
3 Hieroglyphics
4 Wu-Tang
5 Future Islands

Top 5 things to do besides Skateboarding
1 Bonsaiiii
2 Get Tattoos
3 Video Games
4 Rock climb
5 Shower and Floss

Smith Grind photo by Peter Le

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