Samuel Coady

Zac Connell – 50-50
I only met Zac a couple of hours before he did this, i missed it the first time round because i was with the other half of the crew at another spot. As i turned up everyone was gathered around the camera peeping the footage, it looked sick, so i made him do it again. I probably should have thrown a flash in there because he does kinda get lost, but im not really a huge fan of flashes, id rather just keep it natural. Anyway the spot is difficult to skate with the ledge being long and jack all run up, plus you have to have your speed to clear the dirt / pebbles over the middle of the gap and then finally ollie out to the drop. All in all, im happy i met Zac that day.

Rob Kenworthy – Switch Flip
Firstly, this trick wasnt a land. but i like the photo so much it hurts me just to waste it straight onto flickr. Ive been skating with rob a fair bit lately and hes hella cool, a quiet and polite dude who really can skate. Anyway this was one of those days, spot after spot just trying to skate something good and get some photos. We finally hit this about 6pm and everyone was well and truly over the day in general. This run up is very chat and the bar is quite high, not really my idea of fun but rob gave switch flip ago just for the sake of it haha he stomped about 3 in a row and really did get robbed but hey thats skateboarding. next time for sure…………….. keep a look out for rob.

John Dykyj – Gap out Feeble
99 DEGREES obviously knows whats up, because if i ran a shop id want John on my team. Ive only skated with John a handful of times and every time i see something new, like on the weekend for instance, i had no idea john could skate tranny for some naive reason and I’m 99 percent sure he was just ” chillin” haha anyway, this feeble was sick, after a quick warmup boardy he was straight into it and within a couple of goes the feebs was in the bag. The catch is you actually have to really pop out of the rail because if you look closely at the bottom left of the shot you can see the curb. After a couple of hook ups and firecrackers john rolled away ever so nicely.

Zac Connell – 180 over the rail to drop
Refer to photo 1, Zac is a beast, i shot this on the same day as the 50-50, actually only a couple of hours later. The drop was big, while most people skated the rail into a bank down the other end of the car park, Zac eyed the gap up. With a first go ollie, the 180 came two more cracks after that. smooth as.

Phil Billingsby – Backside Flip
Phil is a dude who youll be hearing more of in the future. With a big bag of tricks, smooth style and ( only recently ) a few quality brands supporting him, its good to see someone whos been ripping for so long get the backing they deserve. This backside flip came pretty easy, the spot itself is a veledrome, a very mellow one at that with a rough as hell landing so no room for slip ups.He rolled away bolts and now i think about it, getting into the spot was harder then the trick haha.

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