Rome Torti

For our second behind the glass I caught up with Rome Torti to a get a inside look into some of his photos.
I’ve known Rome now for quite along time now and use to shoot with him myself. The one thing i always loved about heading out with Rome is that he is down to shoot anything. He’s not someone that will only pull the camera out if your being a hero on some ridiculous amount of stairs. Which is good for me as anything over 7 stairs makes me nervous and want to spew.
Rome’s now the TM for Alex and a bunch of other ripping guys so he’s a busy man.
Bay love Rome..

Heath Clarke – fs 5050
This pic was taken a few years ago and never got ran. Maybe because one of those wheels looks weird or maybe because it’s just a 5050 , but this is a pretty hard to skate rail , so much so that this is the only trick that has been done, that I know of. Come to the Goldy, check it out, the run up is down hill and the landing goes out into a busy road. anyway, Im happy to show you it as it was a very worthy trick , good ripping Heath!

Nick Garcia – Ollie
when we opened the element store on the gold coast we brought out nick Garcia from the states to share with us . He turned out to not only rip but be a really good Dude. This was taken at the demo we had to move inside due to rain. I love silhouettes , I like this one especially because of the cool ” I will become art ” on the side , well I guess it did !

Notorious – wall ride
Jesse is one of the most awesome skateboarders I’ve ever met. Nothing negative , always keen to skate and a big grin on his mug always. The residence that live near this spot dint like skateboarders because they are much to rich to bother with that sort of riff raff. Enjoys your money , you’ll never be as rad a red abd his wall ride grab out no matter how many dollars you have.

Jimmy – Bs flip
This pic was taken ages ago @ what used to be nexus skate park. Mr abd my brother used to skate that place ever weekend and most week nights . It was owned by god brothers but it was cool and for it’s time it was one of the best parks around. It closed down because the church wasn’t making enough money out of it any more , but sat there abandoned for years before they finally demolished it to put nothing but some grass, why I don’t know . Anyway , Jimmy has the most pop I’ve ever seen and blasts a big ass bs flip .

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