Alex Lawton – Fakie Hardflip
On any given Sunday, you’ll see a crew of skaters from The Bay and The Dangerous Posse lurking around Brisbane city. Usually the plan is to meet up with the crew at Footbridge for a lil warm up session, then head into the city and skate around from spot to spot. This spot is almost smack bang in the middle of the city and is generally pretty busy with foot and car traffic. Alex blocks out the inner city pressure to stomp this fakie hardflip with ninja steeze at the end of a line only young Alex can conjure up.


Andrew Beauchamp – Bs Heelflip to the road
This photo was shot on the same day as Alex’s photo above. This spot also happens to be right around the corner from it too. Beacho and a few others had wandered down to have a wee nosey at the newly resurfaced landing and started throwing a few ollies down it. I went to set up and looked up at the other spot where the rest of the crew was skating when I seen some super hero citizens right up in Swannys face. Turns out Swanny had asked them to stop when one of the lads were almost about to launch from the set saving them from getting a board to the melon. But they wern’t having none of it. They stormed off in a huff on their mobile phones to the police. I thought we had about 5 mins max before they showed up. Turned out to be our lucky day and they never eventuated and we got to skate this thing long enough for Beacho to flick a Bs Heelflip down it.


Pedro Day- Fs 180
This photos been sitting on the computer for a while so I glad it will see the light of day. I think this is one of the first skate photos that I shot that I was really happy with. Our mate Robbie was living in the Valley at the time and had come across this and thought it might be worth a look. Its down this sketchy alley way where god knows what happens down there after the sun goes down. Pedro managed to sneak in this Fs180 with the last bit of daylight remaining.


Jarrod Rigby – Crooks with 3 cracked ribs
We ended up at this old spot one afternoon after driving around trying to think of spots to hit. It was pretty crusty and covered in rust, Not letting that stop him, Jarrod started jumping onto a boardslide. He was stomping a few, then next try got pitched and got completely wailed. He landed it next shot though and then started trying to crooks it which didnt take him too long. For the rest of the weekend, Jarrod was pretty tender as a result of the aforementioned slam. He ended up going to the doctors a few days later and it turns out he cracked a few ribs whilst slamming on the boardslide…….


Jayden De Pina – lipslide pop out
This bank to ledge is right next to the end of the line of the Richlands train line. This is where trains will pull up after transporting the general public of Brisbane for whatever maintenance required. We were there one day when a train pulls up and a gang of 5-6 graffers complete with t-shirt masks on their face ran out and started doing up this massive piece on the side of the train. We all stood there GOBSMACKED! I never witnessed anything like it, a train driver saw half way through and was yelling at them to stop, they didn’t miss a beat though and managed to complete their piece within a few minutes and ran off into the sunset while we all stood there wondering what the hell just happened. Nothing happened this day though, apart from Jaydens lipslide pop out.


Roof Party – Nathan Jackson, Beacho , Jayden De Pina
This is one of my favourite photos. The plan was to head out that weekend and get a bunch of stuff done. The boys all came over so we could get up go early and get and hit the streets. Well it didn’t really pan out that way as next thing I know its 3am and we’re making our way down to neverending taxi line trying to get home. There were some sore and weary heads the next day and any hopes for a early start were dashed by the 10am wake up call. We managed to pile into the car at some point in the day and tried to get our act together. I think that lasted all of about 2 hours when a case was brought and that was the end of skateboarding for the day. We ended up at Beacho’s mates house where they were having a bit of a shindig, well within minutes of arriving, tv cabinets were broken, bottles smashed and Beacho “cooled off” with several cans of beers. This is how things ended up.