Jason Morey

This weeks behind the glass is with the very talented Jason Morey (Moey) Here’s a few images he sent through. Cheers g.

Brendon Hill – 5-0

Hasselblad 500c

This pic is from a few summers back when I was staying with friends in Launceston shooting photos, skateboarding and having the odd round of beers. One late night on the way home from skating we stumbled across this bent over bar at a petrol station on the main street. It was cold and late but we knew that it would soon be straightened up and unskateable, possibly the next day. Brendon may be short in stature but makes up for it with his Brophy-like pop. Under dull street light with blinding camera flashes Brendon got this 5-0 before I finished my roll of film. The blue cast on the left is a light leak.

Raury – Backside Invert

Hasselblad 500c

Raury is from Scotland and was in town for a short while skating and working. He is one of the few people to master the cheese grater snake run that is the West Hobart Bowl. If you’ve ever been there you’ll know that it’s often filled with rocks and sticks so if you’re after a good time your wheels should be no smaller than 60mm and the softest urethane you can get your hands on. Sorry Raurdawg I don’t know how to spell your last name so I’ll leave it singular, like Oprah or Seal. Hand plants are gnar.

Nick Bell – Jam

Nikon D90

We ended up at this spot when driving through Camberwell on the way to skate something else. From the car it looked awesome with endless possibilities for skate manoeuvres, but alas it was rough as guts with this clean 5050 jam being the only thing possible.

Rashed Ateem – 180 nose grind

Franka Solida II Medium Format

I miss Rashed. The bastard is so good at skateboarding and having good times. Apparently he skipped a bunch of classes at Uni so his parents made him move back to his home country of Sudan to complete his studies. It worries me because last time he went back for Christmas for 2 months he came back fat and lazy(er) so it took him another 2 months to get his skateboarding back to the reg. It has now been about a year since I’ve seen Babeh in the flesh. Hopefully the next time we meet he will be back on par and jumping down stairs and hand rails again. And hopefully he brings me back a 2litre bottle of Dr. Pepper. Australia needs to start stocking their shelves with quality soft drinks.

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