Jashan Prasad

Jashan has been covering the Queensland skate scene for many years now. In fact, not just QLD, Australia but the whole globe. I asked him a few weeks back if he would do a ‘Behind the Glass’ and he was more than happy to share some images. Jashan give’s you a little insight into how these photos came together and what went down on those days. Hyped to get Behind the Glass with this legend.

Danny Gluskie – Icey Heelflip

This photo was shot in Wisconsin just a couple of days before Danny was to tie the knot. It was the middle of Winter and temperatures on average were about -15 Celsius. With not many options of spots to skate because they were all snowed out, we decided to just muck around on the street outside the house and see if we could come up with anything.
The ground was very icey and wet but every time a car would go past, it would leave a tyre track which would give a little bit of a path through the ice for a couple of minutes. Laying on the icey ground to shoot this photo was the coldest experience of my life. I was wearing some gloves but still my hands were that cold that I couldn’t feel them nor could I could barely press the trigger on my camera so it took a few attempts before we got the photo, as soon as we had it, we rushed back inside both freezing, I ran my hands under the hot tap for about 10 minutes before I got any feeling back in them.

Danny G- Snowy Heelflip

Joel Wilshere – Kickflip of death

This photo was one of them moments that I could hear my heart beating inside me.
We had been skating around Sumner Park at some ledge spots and there was this massive beam going up into the hills. I wasn’t quite sure what it was exactly but it looked daunting to even think of getting up on it. It was kind of a joke when I mentioned that someone should get up and do a trick on it, then all of a sudden Joel being the eager man that he is, jumped to the opportunity and said he’ll do it. The beam was not very wide and if you were to fall off that thing, you would die, simple as that, so I started getting nervous at what I had just started.
Getting up on to the beam was a mission and a half, we managed to gather some rope together from the cars and after a good half hr of attempts, with his half blistered hands, Joel managed to get up on to the beam. The spot is in the middle of a big park where kids playgrounds and picnic areas were, so before long there was a crowd below freaking out making the situation a lot more nerve racking for all of us.
Joel started doing a couple of ollies to see how it felt, we just encouraged him to not look down. He then bailed his first attempt at a Kickflip resulting in his board falling off the edge. It was then that I really started freaking out and started thinking to myself that I may have just caused a freak accident about to happen. Joel wasn’t too phased and asked for his board back up and wanted to keep going. I was standing at the bottom saying my prayers and my hands trembling barely able to keep still.
Next minute he had run on to his board, landed a Kickflip fakie and rolling switch on the downward slope. It wasn’t until he had stepped off his board that I could finally breathe again. He had become way too comfortable up on that beam and then asked me if I wanted him to try a tre flip. I just wanted him off that beam though and didn’t even think twice before saying no. Once Joel had gotten down and taken a look at the spot from the bottom again, he also then started freaking out at what he had just done. It was then on to a bottle-o to calm all of our nerves. Joel had definitely earned his beers that day.


Cam Holling – Noseblunt

This trick is probably one of the top moments that I have witnessed in skateboarding.
We had been shooting for Cam’s interview in The Skateboarders Journal and it was the last weekend before deadline to finish it up. We headed out to the spot first thing in the morning, just myself, Luke Rigby filming and Jerry (kahn) alongside Cam.
Cam had really bad heelbruise on both feet from attempting a rail the week before but being deadline, he decided to just give it this last weekend to get the trick. As we got to the spot, it was super windy and Cam had not even warmed up anywhere. He started off lipsliding it a couple of times before looking at noseblunt. By this stage the wind had really picked up even more and by the time he had his first attempt at a noseblunt, he could not control where he was popping and hurt his heels once more. We decided the wind was too strong and had to leave it.
Eager to have this trick for his interview, I showed Sean from Journal what we were trying for and he gave us one more weekend to try and get it before printing. So the next weekend we headed straight back there. This time, we started off at Nerang warming up before heading back to the spot, still with bad heels, cam rolled up to it a couple of times, but a few minutes later was rolling away from the trick second shot. It was one good moment to have witnessed, and our maccas lunch had never tasted so good after it.

Cam noseblunt 2

Beacho – Bs 5050 botanical

I had spoken to Beacho the day before this and knowing that this one of the tricks he wanted to do one day, I hit him up and asked if he was keen for it. He said we should definitely go and have a look. Luke Rigby and I both met Beacho at his house before heading into the city. Without going anywhere to warm up, we headed to the ledge and got out of the car. Beacho rolled ahead to have a look as I carted out my gear and before I had even got to the spot, Beacho was popping on and grinding the whole thing and just stepping off before the drop.
Seeing how keen he was to get straight into it, I quickly set up my stuff and settled into a garden where I was shooting from. There was a big leafy tree right above me and as I was shooting, I kept feeling what I thought were the leaves tickling my ear and so ignored it. Before long, Beacho had landed the trick 3 times for different filming angles and I got out of the Bush to show him the photo, as I started walking over, Beacho’s girlfriend looked at me with a freaked out look on her face pointing at my shoulder. Beacho then told me to stand still as he came over and whacked this huge spider off of me that was sitting on my shoulder. I absolutely hate spiders so as soon as I saw what had been crawling over my ears earlier, it had me shuddering for the rest of the day.


Louis Riley – Crooks into security

This was one of those days in Sydney where it seemed like security were following us everywhere we went and booting us straight away. This spot is right in the middle of China Town and security was generally only a couple of minutes away anytime you try and skate this thing.
We arrived and of course security were straight on to us, but being Louis’s last day in Sydney, he wanted to try get this trick before leaving. We decided to split up and sent a bunch of the other skaters to go skate further down in Chinatown to try and get the security to go down there while we snuck back to the spot. It was like he knew exactly what we were doing though and didn’t budge from standing right next to the spot. Although he did have his back turned to it for a little while so after realizing that he wasn’t going anywhere, we decided to just give it a shot while he was there and back turned. Leo and I snuck up and pretty much sat right behind the security officer and gave Louis the thumbs up that we were ready, he then casually walked up to the spot with a group of pedestrians and gave it a shot. There was somebody walking right into the landing as he attempted though so he was forced to bail, the security obviously started going off at us and everybody else returned from where they were. He started talking to us all as a group and while he was, Louis signalled to me that he’ll sneak up for one last go. He got up there and I took a few steps back so I was ready for the photo. As soon as he started rolling the security heard and headed over, but by the time the security got there, Louis was rolling away from the trick with a big smile on his face as he went straight past the security.