Jake Darwen

This behind the glass is with my new homie Jake Darwen. Jake hails from New Zealand and shoots a bunch of stuff for Manual magazine. I met him recently through Tommy who is going to work right now trying to wrap up a bunch of interviews and features.
Here’s a few photos he sent through giving you a bit more into how it all came together. Keep your eye out for Jake’s photos, his shit is nice as hell!!!

Christian Low – Wallie

Whenever I go out shooting with Christian he always amazes me with his view on skating different objects anywhere we go.. He can find almost anything someone’s never thought of skating at the spot you go to skate and make it look legit. Here he wallie’s in between the wall and bin at NZ’s famous High Street ledge spot.

Josh Malthus – Tail Drop

Josh Malthus AKA Morph is one of the gnarliest people I’ve ever met.. This Tail Drop of doom is no joke! He compressed his knee in the first couple of attempts and then rolled away a few try’s later! If Morph try’s a trick you can guarantee he will keep trying until he can’t walk no more! Did I mention this was at 9.30 in the morning?

Mike Bancroft – Ollie

Whilst I was climbing up onto the roof to get this photo, a car pulled up in front of Mike blocking him from his run up and asked him if he wanted the buy some Magic Mushrooms. After a short conversation with the guy he was sent on his way. Moments later Mike landed the ollie like a ninja! No Mushrooms required.

Edwin Massold – Back Tail

When we first got to this outledge, Edwin has told me he had already landed the Back Tail. This spot has only ever been skated as an outledge so I was confused how he was going to pop high enough to even get into a 5050.. 15 minutes later we had got the photo and heading back to town just before the rain settled in.. Edwins got pop!

Thanks Jake

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