This Behind the Glass is with Duncan Ewington, the man behind the Cream. Duncan shoots some amazing photos all over the country and has his own blog Gracias. He was kind enough to share some of these very special images with us so it’s with great pleasure I give you Duncan’s Behind the Glass.

Mike Martin – Rock n Roll
Reservoir would have to be one of my most favourite parks in Melbourne. It was great before, and now that it’s been expanded it’s totally awesome! The annoying thing is that it used to be one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets, and you would generally have the place to yourself – and nowadays it’s swarming with kids. I really like the quiet suburban vibe there down near the lake, next door to the bowls club that sells cheap beer and the DIY feel that the park has. The cool thing about “Ressy” is that you can go there on any day when you don’t feel like skating and then you end up having one of the best skates! This photo is a combination of some of my favourite things, Mike Martin’s casual skating, rock and rolls, jersey walls, black and white, and a bit of foreground play in the composition.
mike martin rockinroll ewington photo

Lewis Marnell – Bs Tail
This photo’s never been seen and was one of the last photos of Lewis I ever shot. It was my birthday weekend so I decided to head to Sydney to check out the SBA comp at Fox studios for something different. Lewis had had some injuries prior to the comp that had seen him out for a bit, but after watching his runs you couldn’t tell. As you probably know he wasn’t much of a comp jockey but it was still amazing to watch his effortless and stylish skating on the course. Not many people knew either that he could hold his own on transition, so I was psyched when he started doing long steezy crooked grinds and backside tail slides on the “boomerang” ramp. The weekend was quite a blur of festivities, but I fondly recall sharing hugs with him later that day as it was his birthday the day after mine and he was heading home to Melbourne. Lewis left this world too early, but in his time here he touched a lot of lives and had a great influence on many people worldwide. He is a great inspiration to this day to hold your head high, be humble, honest, friendly and appreciate the life you lead. Jah Bless Lewis – Forever in our hearts!
lewis marnell bs tailslide ewington photo

Emanuel Guzman – Portrait
I thought I’d break up the skate shots with a portrait I shot a couple of years ago on the Creature tour across Aus. Eman had been wearing a band aid on his chin for half the trip after splitting it open skating Bondi bowl at 2 in the morning. He’d wandered down there by himself and was so hyped to skate it that he borrowed a strangers board and skated it in the complete darkness. After having one too many beers that night he misplaced the lip in the dark, slipped and busted his chin on the coping. The next morning when we arrived to check out the park there were still large blood stains all over the ground. Guzman’s a great dude. Passionate, strong willed, enthusiastic for life, and has a sincerity that you don’t find in many people. Until recently I’ve never really been into portraits that much, so to break out of the usual habits I’ve been putting together an exhibition that should be ready soon!
emannuel guzman ewington photo

Seanie Ritchie – Smith Grind
I shot this at the start of Summer when we piled the crew into a couple of carloads and did a camping/skate trip up to Cobram on the boarder of NSW and Vic. We surprisingly got up quite early on the second day after a big night camping in the bush and telling yarns around the camp fire. It was already obscenely hot and most of the boys were really struggling dealing with the consequences of the previous nights inebriation. Seanie had arrived late on the first day and had purposefully taken the festivities easy so that he would have a fresh mind and body to discover the fun lines that this obscure country bowl was hiding. Front smiths would have to be one of Seanie’s specialties, so there’s no doubt that you’ll get a great pic of one whenever you go skating with him.
seanie fs smith grind ewington photo

Tim “Cunnaz” Cunneen – Backside Ollie
I’d probably say I go to more parks then the average skate photographer who’s chasing publication. It’s usually because I like to skate as much as I shoot on any given day, it’s the fact that you can skate for hours on end with out getting busted and the fact that tranny is so much more forgiving on the more “seasoned” skaters body. Luckily there’s always new parks popping up on the outskirts of Melbourne too, so it’s fun to pack yourselves into a car and hit the road with the boys! This particular shot is at the new Taylor’s Hill skate park of Tim boosting a banger of an ollie. Tim’s always flying around, super consistant, and solid as fuck. Tim should really be sponsored, but doesn’t really care and he’s quite content being a school teacher, hanging with his dog Trevor, and shredding for the pure love of it!
tim cuneen bs ollie ewington photo